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Rachel Stearns

My Technical Background

Most of my professional experience is with computers, but not always in website design.  My qualifications come from having experience in several closely related fields.  My degree is in Electrical Engineering (from University of Colorado) and for several years I worked as a software engineer for both large companies and startups.  My software projects varied from writing low level, next-to-the-hardware code, to implementing testing systems, building databases, and writing user-interface software. However my most challenging work came when I took time off from the corporate world to raise my two sons and homeschool them through 8th grade.  As they got older and time allowed, I got back into computer work by writing software for my husband's business in hardware design.  Five years ago, after designing a few websites for friends, I discovered how much fun building websites could be, and decided to start my own business.

And if you want to know more...

I live in a family of engineers.  My husband - also an Electrical Engineer - has a focus in hardware design.  My interest was always in software.  Both of my sons are sucessful engineers in the tech world as well.  Needless to say, dinner conversations can sometimes be rather unusual at our house!

When my sons had grown up and left home, I was uncertain about the best way to get back into technology -  it had changed so much since I had been employed.  The more they talked about their very interesting jobs, the more I wanted to get back into the nitty-gritty of computers and coding.  I found my passion with building websites, and am so lucky to have discovered work that I love!

When not working I enjoy being outdoors - hiking, cross-country skiing, walking the dogs, and riding my horse are just some of my favorite activities.

Thanks for checking out my website.  I hope to be hearing from you soon!

- Rachel Stearns

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